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About Invisible America.com

Invisible America is not a web site. IA is a media company, a corporation, and a nation.

IA's mission is to use any and all forms of media -internet, animation, documentary, narrative- to contemplate our new, twisted, and ultimately surreal American Reality. Invisible America is the home of "Satirical Realism."

Invisible America follows three guiding tenets:

America is not the United States. America is North and South America. This is not a rhetorical twist, but actually a more accurate way of describing how we live. Corporations aren't contained by national borders. Similarly, migrant workers refuse to be contained by national borders. Invisible America is that America without borders.

America's demographics have radically changed in the last few decades. People of color are no longer 'minorities' in many major cities, including New York and Los Angeles. We are majorities, and shouldn't only be addressed as part of 'diversity initiatives. 'There needs to be a radical re-positioning of the center of our politics, culture, and power. Invisible America sees the world from this new center.

America is becoming so violent, and surreal, that dark comedy is the only way to properly address it. The Bush Years are boom times for political satirists. Through fiction, we can more accurately see this reality.

If you would like to open a franchise state of Invisible America, or export some of our products to your own sovereign web site or media outlet, send us an email.

Thanks for visiting Invisible America. Remember to not take any fresh fruit or livestock as you cross the border back to your country of origin.

Alex Rivera

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