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With my work in film and video I try to address and reflect the experiences of the Latino community through a language of humor, satire, and metaphor. This is easy since our reality these days is increasingly becoming a dark, surreal, comedy.

This tiny collection of work runs the gamut- from short narratives, to activist documentaries, from mockumentaries to the archival footage that inspired them.


Death of Cybraceros
  Science Fiction set on the U.S. Mexico border.

Why cybraceros
  The O.G. mockumentary-Tele-commuting migrant farmworkers realize the American Dream—the importation of pure labor.

Dia de La Independencia
  Alien Invasion from the South!

Conspiracy Club For Men
  A rogue band of insiders picks the U.S. President. Join the Club!

The Potato: Latin Wonder
  When undocumented immigrants run—who's chasing?

The Potato: Latin Wonder
  Latinos have a truly unique place on American Television.

For United Farm Workers
  March 28, 1998, the UFW marched on NYC for womens' rights.
Mysterious Apparitions on Tortillas
  Three short films about three borders.

Mysterious Apparitions on Tortillas
  Mass migration, a transnational power play, and baseball.

LLas Papas Del Papa
  The Pope Vs. the potato!

Mysterious Apparitions on Tortillas
  The Virgen appears on a torilla, but what's the most mysterious apparation?

  Papapapá examines how bodies (people and vegetable) are remade within the new societies they encounter.

Zapatista Consulta
  On April 21st, the Zapatistas organized a nationwide vote on the future of Mexico.