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On December 20th the Supreme Court here ruled that ex-dictator Augusto Pinochet (*) would not have to face charges of more than 180 counts of human-rights abuses, including kidnapping, torture, and murder. He was released on a technical flaw in the prosecutor's procedure.(*)

In related news, on December 13th, The U.S. Supreme court upheld George W. Bush's presidential victory on a technicality, disregarding 40,000+ uncounted votes.

In a rare statement to the press U.S. Justice Clarence Thomas stated, "These two rulings are part of what appears to be a hemispheric trend towards more justice. Now we are beginning to see the court's true function in the Americas- to protect and serve our leaders against the technically flawed complaints of the many. We are proud of our colleagues to the South, and will be considering working together in the future as our economies become more intertwined (*), and our politics look more like theirs."

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