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New York, NY August 1, 2001-

Mars candy, the parent company of M&M's, stated recently that it would soon introduce 'Dulce de Leche' flavored M&Ms (*). Mars hopes the new candies, based on the popular Mexican sweet, will help the company penetrate the elusive Hispanic Market.

The CEO of Mars also stated that M&M's would shift its recent advertising campaign from promoting 'The Green Ones,' to focus more on 'The Brown Ones.'

Mars Candy's new focus on Latinos has inspired other companies to follow. The new hispani-snacks being imagined by corporate America are being referred to as 'Mexicandy.'

Invisible America was able to aquire these Top Secret images of future Mexicandy products.

© IA 2001

A European candy company's vision: A chewy sacrament


TAMARINDO THE KID' A Tamarindo filled sponge cake, will replace 'Twinkie the Kid.' Anti-Immigrant activists are furious that yet another Mexican will take an American job.

Bite sized, deep fried intestine, McTripas, will replace Chicken McNuggets.

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