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Oct 18, 2001
Los Angeles
© Invisible America

October 18th, 2001, Los Angeles, CA-

The U.S. Department of Defense has invited top Hollywood screenwriters to form a think tank to predict future terrorist plots. Writers who've had experience imagining terrorism, such as the writers of 'Die Hard' and 'MacGyver,' as well as other respected writers and directors such as Spike Jonze of 'Being John Malkovich,' are participating in the think tank. This is true.

Invisible America investigators, posing as bus boys at a catered lunch for the think tank, were able to get this 'sneak preview' of the rigorous work being done.

---Bruce Willis may have to get involved in the fighting.

---No Latinos will be will be cast in major roles, but they may appear as extras, in the infantry.

---Syd Field, writer of 'Screenplay,' stated that the conflict must follow a three-act structure. He explained that September 11th was the first plot point, that the second plot point should come in late January, and that the conflict should have a happy ending by March, at the latest. He warned against letting the third act drag on too long.

---Spike Jonze, director of "Being John Malkovich" is working on a screenplay that takes the audience into the mind of a mastermind of terror, tentatively titled "Being Laden."

---All the writers are worried that the anthrax scare might make it harder to find "Piles of white powder" in Hollywood offices and bathrooms.

Since many top screenwriters are now working at the Army think tank, Hollywood studios have been forced to search for new creative talent. At least one major studio is trying to hire terrorists to write original screenplays.

Many writers were expressing fear that the real-life terrorists may have outdone Hollywood's explosion-driven formulas. Invisible America investigators overheard one screenwriter stating, "I'm here, trying to imagine terror....but the most terrifying thing I can think of is, what if the events of September 11th put an end to the Hollywood blockbuster?"

©IA NEWS 2001

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