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ZAPATISTAS ADDRESS MEXICAN CONGRESS: Gray-Haired Militia Still Has Control of US
December 2, 2000
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Within hours of taking office, Mexican president Vincente Fox ordered the military to begin pulling out of Chiapas (*). Over the past 6 years, an estimated 70,000 troops have amassed in the state which is the stronghold for the Zapatista Rebels (EZLN). The rebel spokesman/ poet/ Sub-Commander Marcos has agreed to participate in peace talks in Mexico City in the near future.

In related news, it is rumored that Texas Gov. George W. Bush has suggested sending the troops, which will now have nothing to do, to Florida.

The Texas Governor who's decided he will be president with a minority of the popular vote, and only a %00.009 (<--REAL NUMBER) lead in the disputed Florida vote said "if the Judicial and legislative branches of our Government fail to acknowledge my victory, I will seek other optioins." He continued, "We need strong, decisive, leadership with no questions asked, and that is the reputation of the young men who've been stationed in Chiapas." When pushed on the legality of a foreign army's involvement in U.S. affairs, Bush snapped back "Ever heard of The School of the Americas(*)? We trained these men. Besides, we helped out in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Chile, etc...(*) Why can't they return the favor?" Some have said that the invitation continues the Third World style vote fraud that has characterized the Florida vote so far.

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