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January 9, 2001
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Following a scandal involving her relationship with an undocumented immigrant, Linda Chavez was forced to decline her nomination as Secretary of Labor today. During the scandal it was revealed that Ms. Chavez had housed, possibly fed, but not paid, an undocumented immigrant who occasionally worked for her. Ms. Chavez characterized the relationship as one of charity toward the battered immigrant woman.

Now, it appears that Ms. Chavez is making plans to take her charity to the next level. "I plan on opening a shelter for battered immigrant women. The shelter will follow my vision of acts of kindness in exchange for only a few days work."

Ms. Chavez continued, stating that in the shelter battered immigrant women would find "three hots, and a cot" plus a days work. "The women in the shelter will recieve food and housing- but they won't be recieving humiliating 'handouts'."

The women will be fabricating sneakers for global footwear giant NIKE, Chavez explained. "Imagine the humilitation, the self-degradation, of just recieving assistance. We need to rethink charity and government handouts and pioneer new models, such as the ones I pioneered in my own home." Chavez, who is a vocal critic of affirmative action, called her sneaker fabricating shelter effort "affirmative fabrication."

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