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March 16, 2001
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Today Maria Equis was born. Maria is the 36,567,487th Latino living within the borders of the United States of America. Her birth at 3:42 AM today made Latinos the largest minority in America. "I'm so proud of mija!" cried her mother. "Now we're the biggest group of little people!"(*)

The U.S. Census representative who counted Maria brought other news for her family. According to the Census:

Maria has a nearly 1 in 3 chance of living in poverty. (*)

Maria will make 51% of the average American wage.

As an adult Maria will likely have a net worth 1/10 that of the average white American of the same age.

The good news:

If Maria had been a boy, she would have been 9 times more likely to be part of the Latino prison population. Latinos are 13.5% of the population in general, but 32.3% of the Federal Prison Population (*).

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