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January 5, 2001
© Invisible America

Today a coalition of black employees of the Microsoft Corporation announced a landmark suit against their employer, alleging chronic discrimination, under pay, and "a plantation mentality" at the mega corporation. (*)

1999 government statistics show that only 2.6 percent of Microsoft's employees, and only 1.6 percent of the company's managers, were black. (*)

The same government study revealed that over 63 percent of Microsoft employees were 'nerds,' and that 12 percent, mostly key executives, 'really needed a good ass whooping.'

In a strange legal coincidence, the judge assigned to hear the case is Thomas Penfield Jackson, the same justice who ordered Microsoft broken into two companies to resolve the U.S. Government's anti-trust suit. This coincidence was not lost on Microsoft executives, who were quick to offer a solution to both legal attacks.

"We will break into two new companies. One company for our colored employees, and one for the rest of us," stated Chief Software Designer, who now goes by monicker 'Billy Bob' Gates. He continued "The new companies will be separate, but equal."

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