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WASHINGTON D.C. 8/15/2001
Invisible America

Today the U.S. Navy announced the launch of a website geared towards recruiting more Hispanics:


Admiral John Bommemall announced "Today the Navy steps into the 21st Century. We will no longer depend solely on the Village People to recruit minority seamen."

The Admiral stated that "Hispanics are a natural fit with the Navy. Many Hispanics arrive to the United States with some nautical experience." He continued, explaining that every Hispanic group has something to contribute to EL NAVY. "We have a lot to learn from Hispanics. Cubans are experts in homemade boats, Mexicans are masters of inner tubes. We know many Hispanics will be enthused to patrol the waters that their relatives are trying to cross." This initiative is being called 'Operation Seamen on a Wetback.'

He continued "Puerto Ricans have a unique advantage in EL NAVY. Many may have family living near one of our bombing ranges on the island of Vieques." The Admiral explained that there would be a special advertising campaign aimed solely at Puerto Ricans. The slogan is "For Puerto Ricans, El Navy
is Da Bomb."

To complete their 'Latin makeover,' the Navy will adopt
a catchy, bilingual slogan:


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