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February 23, 2001
© Invisible America

Ex-President Bill Clinton announced earlier this week that he'll be moving his office to Manhattan's 125th St., the heart of Harlem. Supporters were thrilled, stating that the ex-president's presence could bring an economic boom to the area, comparing Clinton's arrival to the arrival of a Disney theme-store a few years ago, which revitalized the retail district. (*).

Clinton's impending presence is already beginning to bring more franchises to Harlem. Victoria's Secret is considering opening a branch across the street from Clinton's future office. A representative stated "It's not just Clinton who's coming...many people will have to take care of his staff. And those people will probably be his interns...we're considering opening a branch store just for them."

Another supporter saw great things on the horizon for 125th, "Not just lingerie stores, I see cigar shops," stated a passerby.

Others speculated that Clinton's arrival to 125th street could spawn booms in the fields of marriage counseling, tie shops and golf supplies. A small Arkansas chain store, Red Neck Ties, is rumored to be now seeking Harlem real estate.

One less welcome business that Clinton has already aided in Harlem, and other Black and Latino communities across the country, has been the Bail Bond business. A report was recently released detailing that, during Clinton's 8 year term, the federal incarceration rate of African-Americans grew more than it did during the 12 year period of Reagan and Bush before him. (CLICK HERE TO READ THE REPORT)

A more cynical passerby on 125th Street stated, "If Clinton wants to be near the Black and Latino communities, he should set up his office on Riker's Island."
©IA NEWS 2001

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