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Oct. 1, 2001
New York City, Invisible America

After the horrible terrorist attacks of September 11th cries of pain, anguish, and disbelief were rapidly spun into cries of war. At first war against Afghanistan seemed imminent. Now it seems that the 'War on Terrorism' will be an ongoing war, fought abroad, and at home, and that the War will not have a clear beginning or end- or even a specific enemy.

Almost immediately the 'War on Terrorism' is looking a lot like the 'War on Crime' and the 'War on Drugs.'

The combined force of the three wars now puts nearly every African-American, Latino, and Arab-American on one suspect list or another. So far, in the War Against Terrorism, over 500 people of Middle Eastern descent have been interrogated, many of them stating that the interrogations were aimless, and not related to the Sept. 11th attacks in any way. In an effort to cut down on paper usage, the FBI today released the short list of Arab-Americans they do NOT want to interrogate.

Some of the infantry in the 'War on Terrorism' will be stationed in the sky. Today, flight attendants requested to be allowed to carry stun guns. They are asking that they be allowed to use the stun guns on suspected hijackers and on any male passenger asking if a female flight attendant wants to join the 'Mile High Club.'

Plastic knives and forks have been banned from domestic flights. Unfortunately would-be hijackers still have access to the rolls served with most on-flight meals which, if used correctly, can be lethal weapons.

President George W. Bush, who is spearheading the War on Terrorism, has had to pioneer a new 'Get Tough' rhetoric for the New War. Immediately following the Sept. 11th attacks he fired his speech writer and hired an aging Hollywood screenwriter whose last job was writing for the "Dukes of Hazard."

Since then, Bush has been peppering his speeches with country phrases such as:

"Smoke 'em outta their holes" -Sept 14th

"Wanted: Dead or Alive" - Sept 16th

"We're in hot pursuit" -Sept 21st

When asked what the combined Police, FBI, CIA, and Military forces now behind the wars on drugs, crime, and terrorism, might mean for communities of color in America, Bush responded "It'll be uglier than two one-legged men in a butt-kickin' contest."

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