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ZAPATISTAS ADDRESS MEXICAN CONGRESS: Gray-Haired Militia Still Has Control of US
July 25th 2001
Washington DC-

"President" George W. Bush is considering a proposal that may legalize up to three million Mexicans who are currently living illegally in the United States.

The program offers a new form of legal residency to the undocumented. Under the new proposal, Mexicans living illegally in the United States will not immediately become citizens. They will instead first pass through a transition period in which they will be known as 'Busheros.'

The proposal has been controversial since the Republican party- the party of Proposition 187- has traditionally tried to address immigration by deporting or scaring away as many immigrants as possible. Bush, however is calculating that some undocumented immigrants, Mexicans specifically, may build the ranks of the Republican Party in exchange for amnesty. In trying to promote his amnesty plan with anti-immigrant leaders of the Republican party Bush stated "I urge you not to think of them as Mexicans, but as potential Bush voters."

"We believe Mexicans share many values with the Republican Party," Bush stated. When asked if he was referring to a reverence for family, religion, and a strong work ethic Bush answered, "No...they're used to patronage, favoritism, vote buying, and they've already been divided and conquered."

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