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July 12, 2001

Today, Texas Attorney General John Cornyn said that it is illegal for public hospitals to provide free or discounted preventive care to undocumented immigrants, since those services are federally funded, and therefore should only be available to citizens. The decision could cut many immigrants lifeline to basic health services (***).

If the decision is not overturned, Texas' undocumented immigrants will only be able to get affordable health care by waiting until the case is severe enough to warrant a trip to the emergency room.

Attorney General Cornyn urged Texas immigrants to look on the bright side. "There are still many, many, federally funded services that are available to you," he stated in a meeting with immigrant organizations. Inhaling deeply, he stated "Federally funded breathing air will still be available- at absolutely no charge- to all Americans, legal or illegal."

"Similarly, federally funded sidewalks will continue to be open to everyone." Mr. Cornyn referred to sidewalks as strips of "Gray Gold," for the immigrant community. "Federally funded sidewalks are especially valuable to the undocumented immigrant community, since many start their illegal job searches on these strips of federally funded Gray Gold."

Continuing his list of Government funded freebies, the Attorney General stated "And to top it all off, Public Television will continue to be broadcast in areas where illegals live. The tele-tubbies are federally funded friends to all people living within the borders of the United States, documented or not."

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