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Shocking Headline!
November 11th-
Washington D.C.
© Invisible America

The war for the hearts and minds of the world's one billion Muslims has begun.

U.S. officials are concerned that a long bombing campaign against a horribly impoverished and already destroyed Afghanistan may seem cruel in the eyes of the Arab world. The U.S. has launched a propaganda campaign designed to counter the power of images of bombing victims that are being circulated on TV in Muslim nations.

This psychological war will not be fought with bombs and bullets, but with information, and it is being fought on several fronts.

According to the New York Times (read the story), U.S. warplanes are not dropping only bombs on Afghanistan, but have recently served other purposes, such as:

*Dropping informational flyers explaining the U.S. cause
*Dropping food packages
*Broadcasting radio programs from the air.

Many of these 'information bombs' have been dropped by the same planes, and often at the same time, as explosives are being dropped.

Invisible America's spies were able to acquire this top secret image of the next step in the escalating psychological war.

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