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Shocking Headline!
November 21st-
Kabul, Afghanistan
© Invisible America

America is liberating Afghanistan, and the media wants you to know it.

In the days following the defeats of the Taliban the U.S. press published countless articles on Afghan men shaving their beards, Afghan women throwing off their veils, and Afghan children playing Nintendo.

It appears that the War on Terror will make the world a better place after all.

The American media has been greatly concerned about human rights under the Taliban in Afghanistan. Strangely, human rights in countries that are U.S. allies get a little less attention. The situations in Saudi Arabia (*), Egypt (*), China (*), and Colombia (*), for example, all mysteriously seem to not be on the media's radar.

America's New War has brought changes on the home front as well. The Lawyer/Client relationship is no longer always confidential, Military Tribunals are planned, and powers of surveillance are being rapidly expanded (*). Apparently, the War on Terror has not only brought changes to freedom in Afghanistan- it's having an effect on freedoms in America too.

(Note: Sorry for the tacky image above. For more tasteful information on the situation of women in Afghanistan check out, RAWA)
Shocking Headline!
November 21st-
Kansas City, MO
© Invisible America

Many Americans this holiday season are searching for alternatives to flying. The fear of flying has reached such a level that many travelers are considering hitch-hiking and freight-hopping as safe alternatives.

Jim Dawkins, a toothless 55 year-old hobo from Colombia, Missouri, charges 75 cents to travelers trying to sneak into "his freight yard" to hop a train. He says he's seen his business grow by four hundred and fifty percent this fall.

As a public service, we would like to share the following information with the citizens of Invisible America:

In the United States, it's 22 times safer flying in a commercial jet than traveling by car, according to a 1993-95 study by the U.S. National Safety Council (*) comparing accident fatalities per million passenger-miles traveled. The number of U.S. highway deaths in a typical six-month period — about 21,000 — roughly equals all commercial jet fatalities worldwide since the dawn of jet aviation four decades ago. In fact, fewer people have died in commercial airplane accidents in America over the past 60 years than are killed in U.S. auto accidents in a typical three-month period.


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