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Shocking Headline!
Washington D.C., May 6th Pocho.com

Citing widespread discontent with governments across Latin America, Secretary of State Colin Powell on Monday urged countries from Venezuela to Argentina to implement democratic reforms (*). Addressing a Council of Americas conference at the State Department, Powell said people across the region were dissatisfied with the quality of democracy and frustrated with the results of economic reform. "There is a disenchantment with the institutions of elected government. In too many countries, people are losing faith in their political systems and leaders. Things were supposed to be better," said Powell. He cited a recent region-wide survey that found a decline in support for democracy in 16 of the 17 Latin American countries polled.

"If you do not embrace democracy, then we will do a Venezuela on you," said the Secretary of State. "Our government will go in and help your military stage a coup, just like we did against Hugo Chavez in Venezuela." (*) "Or we'll funnel aid like we do to the government of Colombia and call it the War On Drugs or some crap, so you'd better embrace democracy. I'm itching to install tin pot rulers that will do our multinational companies' bidding," advised Powell, "so get your shit together."


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